Twitter reports video attracts ten times more engagement

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]Twitter has reported that tweets that include a video can attract ten times more engagement than a tweet without video.

Video captured with a smart phone can be just as engaging as video that’s professionally produced.

Twitter states that “Your phone is a fully capable multimedia studio in your pocket, giving you everything you need to create compelling content on the go.”

Twitter also recommended the following three points to help content creators with their visual library.

Create GIFs

Twitter cited a recent study that GIF generate 55% more engagement than tweets without a GIF.

Instead of using existing GIFs in tweets, Twitter suggests using original, branded GIFs. This may sound complicated to do but the iPhone’s Photos app for instance has the built-in capability to turn a video into a GIF.

And depending on the type of effect your trying to capture there are wide range of GIF-making apps available to help simplify the process further. From time lapse video to Live Photo or a series of static photos, marketers can now create their very own original, branded content directly from their smart phones.

Phone Accessories

While most phones have great cameras and microphones, they do not have the ability to capture commercial grade content on their own. To capture the best video content on your phone, Twitter recommends investing in third-party accessories, including attachable lights, lenses t create professional quality video content.

Phone attachable Microphones capture ambient sound, while a clip-on microphone is ideal for conducting on-camera interviews. A gimbal is also an great accessory that can help stabilize your smart phone and make shots smoother and create amazing sweep shots from your hand..

On screen Recordings

A great feature on many smart phones is the ability to utilise your phone’s screen recording feature. Screen recordings make for great content when demonstrating how to do something technical, such as using an app or showcasing features on your phone.

To create a video screen capture on your iPhone, you need to enable the function in Settings > Control Center. When the screen is swiped up to reveal the Control Center, push the Record button to begin your screen recording. A three-second countdown will appear, and your phone will start capturing video of whatever you do on screen. The screen capture function is also able to record sound, so ensure you have your narration available.

For more tips, see Twitter’s best practices for video content.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]