Instagram Publishes Guides on How to Maximize Instagram Shops

As we head into the peak holiday shopping season, Instagram has this week published a new set of guides on how businesses can utilize Instagram shops, in order to reach potential customers via the platform.

Facebook first announced Instagram Shops back in May, and they’re gradually being made available to all businesses. And for those who can access the option, it could be a great way to maximize your holiday sales, tapping into the engagement of Instagram to grab customers as they browse through their feeds.

Instagram’s new ‘The Season for Shops‘ mini-site includes a range of guides, covering each aspect of the Instagram Shop set-up process.

Several step-by-step guides have been released by Instagram, accompanied by graphics and visual descriptions. Specific overviews for Instagram shops, shopping tags and creating collections have been released.

With over a billion active users, and 80% of those users following brands specifically for product updates, there’s clearly an active base of potential shoppers on the platform. 

Making it easy for them to go from your latest image to owning that item could lead to significant results, and with shopping tags available in all elements, there’s a lot of opportunity. 

You can check out the various new Instagram shopping guides here.

Instagram to allow creators to Link to Products pages in Posts

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]Instagram is to allow influencers to tag and sell products directly on the platform; a move which Instagram claims will enrich the shopping experience for users. The feature will allow followers to shop inspiring looks from creators on Instagram without leaving Instagram. With the ability to tag products in their posts, creators can make it easy for people to shop their favourite styles on the spot.

In a recent blog post from Instagram they wrote:

“Creators are a cornerstone of the interest community on Instagram and people love getting that spark of inspiration when they learn about a new skin care routine or see their favourite musician in that perfect denim jacket.”

The blog post also added:

“And, unlike seeing the jacket on a rack, when they see it on someone they look up to – or someone who looks like them – suddenly it’s relatable and even attainable.”

Up to now Instagram pages owned by brands have been able to link out to specific products using ‘shoppable posts’. The new feature from Instagram will now provide advertisers the capability to enlist high-profile content creators and influencers to sell to Instagram’s 1 billion or so users.

When it comes to measuring sales, both creators and brands will receive “shared insights”. Instagram Shopping launched last year, it allowed brands to direct links from organic posts to product pages and websites. In addition Instagram also launched ‘Checkout’ which allowed customers to purchase products without leaving instragram.

At the moment creators will only be able to tag products in their posts from businesses that are part of Instagram checkout. Users can tap on the product tags to be taken to an in-app shopping page. Currently, creators can tag brands in photos and provide product information in the post caption but in order for users to buy the product, they would still need to search for the product independently of Instagram.

Starting next week, creators can tag exactly what is seen in their photos.

In its announcement Instragram stated:

“This is yet another important step in our shopping journey and we’ll continue to listen to feedback from our community on how we can make the experience even better…

For brands, this means a new way to reach an engaged audience who are actively looking to their favorite creators for inspiration, and make it easier to shop a brand’s products.”

The new feature could be a gold mine for businesses that sell Instagrammable products. For businesses to be eligible to have their products tagged they will need to be part of Instagram’s checkout beta.

Instagram will roll out the feature to a number of celebrity influencers, including Kyle Jenner, Kim Kardashian and Gigi Hadid.  In addition Michael Kors and Nars will be among the first brands to utilise this new feature.[/vc_column_text][pofo_separator pofo_sep_bg_color=”#ededed”][/vc_column][/vc_row]