How Data Analytics Can Benefit Your Small Business

In 2019, the big data and business analytics market generated $189 billion in revenue globally.

Businesses and Organisations now have more data than ever at their fingertips, uncovering previously hidden patterns driving consumers. Observing customer behaviors through analytics can lead to brands discovering  exactly what their customers want and how to adhere to this.

The use of analytics encapsulates the systematic analysis of quantitative data on various aspects of audience behavior aimed at growing audiences and increasing engagement. 

This quantitative data then allows brands and businesses to tailor future content and advertisements to fit what they feel suits their audience best.

If we use Netflix as an example, the company use past search and watch data to find out exactly what their subscribers are watching in order to tailor suggestions and recommendations to their subscribers’ preferences. They use data to find out what time the subscriber watched the show, if they paused the show or watched an entire episode in one sitting.

Small businesses can use data is a very similar way by discovering customer information such as their exact location, demographics and whether or not they’re a new or returning visitor.

They can then use this information to deliver custom-made advertisements to best suit their customer’s needs. Similar to Netflix, recommended algorithms allow businesses to suggest relevant products based on the customers previous purchases and digital activity.

Understanding exactly what your customers want and what digital content they are engaging with the most can allow your small business to tailor content to best fit their needs.

Analytics allows businesses to become smarter and more efficient and when used correctly, it can create a clear advantage, boosting both interactions and revenue.

Websites such as Chartbeat and Google Analytics can provide us with this knowledge, presenting to us quantifiable and immediate feedback from our audience.

They provide information such as, the flow of your website, where your visitors are landing, where they are going and where they are leaving. This information will enable you to understand how your customers are using and engaging with your website.

You can discover what device they are viewing it from and if your site speed is slower on certain browsers, allowing you to change and adapt your site to optimize engagement and place advertisements on the pages that generate the most traffic.

Social media analytics can also benefit your brand. Analysing the data on different social media platform allows your business to discover what platforms work well for your company and what needs improving.

For example, you may see Facebook and Instagram having great responses and interactions, yet not much traffic coming from Twitter.

You can use this information to concentrate on evening up the balance, discovering what content works best with what platform in order to get all of your social media feeds working at optimal level.

Understanding your customer behavior is key to optimizing your website and social medias for key conversion metrics. There’s an old business adage that whatever is worth doing is worth measuring and your website’s analytics should be no different.


Three Ways To Determine Your Digital Marketing Budget

Setting a digital marketing budget can be tough. Especially during these uncertain times, so how do you think through how much you should be spending and what the potential return should be?

Now could be the perfect time to re-evaluate your company’s digital marketing strategy and how much money you should be investing in it.

Here are three simple ways to establish a budget based on data.

1. Cost Of Advertising

How much will it cost you to acquire a customer? Answering this simple question will provide high-level guidance on whether advertising will be an expensive or relatively cheap proposition. It can also give you an idea of how many customers you can expect based on what you’re spending.

Working out the return on investment will help your company evaluate the efficiency of an investment in digital marketing.

2. Revenue Per Customer

Establishing a cost per acquisition (CPA) goal will allows you to still see a return. Running your first campaign will quickly let you know whether achieving that CPA goal is realistic, or whether you need to adjust. Remember, you’ll see different costs per acquisition for different channels, so it’s important to test different ways of marketing to prove out those costs.

Lastly, it’s important to know what your actual revenue per customer is. Ideally, you’ll want to know the lifetime revenue a customer represents — sometimes short-term revenue may be low, but recurring revenue can be a much larger opportunity.

3. Percentage Of Your Total Revenue

Finally, looking at your marketing budget as a percentage of your total revenue tells you how much you should be spending based on your size. If you’re a large company, you’re unlikely to move the needle with a very small budget. Take a look at the competitive benchmarks for other companies by industry.

Here at Boss Digital, Our creative team help our clients to communicate their digital brand better.

We specialise in ecommerce web design for startups and SME’s in the following industries, beauty, food, local services including solicitors, accountants, GP’s, Online retailers, Car Hire companies and the manufacturing industry.

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How to Utilise Digital Marketing During The Recession

As the UK come to terms with the ‘new normal’ following a devastating pandemic, UK businesses are now facing their biggest financial challenge in almost 100 years.

Businesses need to utilise digital marketing during the recession to pull through the other side stronger than ever. Digital content will always be key for any modern-day business. If your customers can’t find you and your content, how can they buy from you?

Content will always be key, from blog posts, articles to images, video, and just about anything else that could be seen, consumed, and digested by people potentially interested in your product or service.

The challenge is maintaining a consistent content stream across your channels and knowing what content works for what platform. Why is this important during a recession? It keeps the customer informed, it highlights the strength of your business and demonstrates an active, engaging role in the market.

The trend of more people staying at home is set to stay throughout the start of the recession, with more people staying at home with both remote work and redundancies beginning to rise. With so many people staring at their phones, doubling down, or at the very least, turning attention to any business’s social channels is a marketing hack that all will benefit from.

Remember, a website works harder than any employee, however, the statement is only valid if your business website is of high quality.

Everything from the user experience, mobile capability, images and fonts used should be carefully considered, ensuring that your website rises above competitors. A strong website, straightforward user journey, and intelligent call to action will illuminate your business apart.

A dedicated digital marketing team in place to help with everything on the web, such as Boss Digital is often the next step for businesses.

Outsourcing doesn’t just mean getting the outstanding work from industry experts in their field to maximise your business. Leading marketing teams, arrive with a wealth of benefits beyond the sales package and obvious benefits – meaning you can relax safely in the knowledge that your business is in the hands of digital team of experts.

Here at Boss Digital, Our creative team help our clients to communicate their digital brand better. We specialise in ecommerce web design for startups and SME’s in the following industries, beauty, food, local services including solicitors, accountants, GP’s, Online retailers, Car Hire companies and the manufacturing industry. If you are thinking about updating your website please get in touch with us today.


How to run your business activities online during the Coronavirus outbreak

The Coronavirus outbreak will have wide-reaching implications for businesses across the UK and it is set to continue for the foreseeable future with UK Prime Minster Boris Johnson ordering a UK Lockdown. But this does not mean your business has to suffer or be shutdown during the outbreak. By utilising technology, businesses in Nottingham can still keep many aspects of their business in operation including offering customers deliveries.

At Boss Digital, all our staff are now working from home. We are still supporting and delivering our quality services with minimum to no disruption.

During this unprecdeneted pandemic and with further social isolation and lockdown on the horizon for the forseeable future, Boss Digital recommend the following steps to support your customers through this difficult time.

1. Put out a statement addressing the Coronavirus outbreak

You may have been inundated with emails or phone calls asking whether you are still open for business. By putting out a coronavirus update statement you can let your customers know that it is “business as usual” or you can advise them of new methods in which they can still do business with you. It is a great information that can be posted on your website – and inturn you can share and back link the post on your social media accounts.

2. Keep in touch with your customers

It is more important than than ever to inform customers about the various ways they can stay in contact with your business. With the advance of social media and apps your customers can contact you in many ways. Whether its Facetime calls, or video calls on Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp or Skype. Businesses can support their customers without putting themselves or their staff at risk. Google My Business is also another great way to keep your customers updated with revised opening hours and support issues.

3. Social Media Updates

Due to social distancing recommendations by the UK goverment, ways in which services that businesses provide will most likely change. To maintain your customers trust, it is key to keep them updated to new changes to your business process. Social Media is a great way to keep customers updated, especially as many people will be using social media more.

4. Setup Online Payments

Does your business have a product that can be delivered or does it offer an online service? If the answer is yes then you can get your customers to pay for these online. Setting up your business website to take payments can be setup in only a few of hours.

If you have a WordPress website you can integrate the WooCommerce plugin. WooCommerce allows products to be sold online and payments to be processed from all major credit and debit cards. PayPal also allow payment processing for all major credit and debit cards. Add a Paypal ‘Buy Now’ button to your website, you can quick and easily allow customers to easily make payments. Without the annoyance of repeatedly filling in their personal details it allows businesses to still operate during the Coronavirus lockdown.

If you need to urgently add a page to your website to take payments for services or products online. Please call us on 01157 757 757 or contact us on the following page.


Boss Digital open and available to help during Coronavirus outbreak.

The Coronavirus outbreak will impact the UK and will have far-reaching implications for businesses across the world. At Boss Digital we have asked our team to work from home for their own safety and to minimise the risk on passing on tcoronavirus.

We will still be offering all our services and are available at anytime and can be contacted my any means via our contact page. All phone calls and emails are being answered, and if you prefer, we can also have meetings over Whatsapp, Skype or Facebook Messenger Video.

All our projects that are currently in development and all ongoing works for clients who retain our services are unaffected and it is business as usual for us.

If you are not an existing client, but would like assistance, especially if you need urgent help to still trade through Coronavirus, please call us on 01157 757 757, or email us at