Pay with Google speeds up online checkout

Google has officially launched a new payment service designed to make it easier and faster for shoppers to complete their purchases during online checkout on Android devices.

Pay with google allows users to simply choose any of the credit or debit cards added to their Google Account through Google Play, YouTube, Chrome or Android Pay and Google sends the user’s payment information and shipping address with the information from their Google account meaning there is no need to type it in.

Normally, every time users purchase any product online such as clothes, gadgets, food or even when transferring money to friends or family, users were required to fill in the forms with shipping details and credit or debit card details. The Pay with Google feature essentially eliminates the need to fill in multiple forms for processing payments making checkout a breeze on online stores.

Pali Bhat, VP of Product Management, Payments at google, explains in the official google blog that the feature allows people to pay in app or online with a verified credit or debit card that has been saved to their Google account, via products like Google Play, Chrome, and YouTube.

In order to make payments using the Pay with Google feature, simply choose your preferred card from your saved cards list, enter a security code or authenticate with your Android device, and check out.

Merchants that are already on board include Airbnb, DoorDash, Deliveroo, and Instacart, and anyone else wishing to sign up can do so by implementing a few lines of code. And its worth noting that Google doesn’t take any transaction fees either.

It’s worth noting that Pay with Google is different from the existing Android Pay API – that allows companies to integrate Android Pay into their apps — the “Pay with Google” service is more about saving time and hassle for consumers by automating the lengthy payment and shipping details.

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