Google Updates ‘Test My Site’ to Show How Many Visitors You’re Losing

Google has recently released an updated version of the Test My Site tool to add more than just your site’s mobile speed scores. The tool will now show you how many visitors your site is losing because of your site load speed and how you compare to your competitors.

The Google Test My Site tool will estimate not just how long it takes for your mobile site to load but also how many visitors you’re potentially losing during load time. It will also tell you how well you are doing against your competitors by benchmarking the speed of your website on your mobile site compared to others in your industry.

The tool will also continue to give you tips on how to improve your site loading faster by providing optimisation techniques that you or your web designers can apply to your code and server.

This is a great tool for web developers and website domain owners to understand how fast page speed can not only give you a edge over competitors in search engines, but also help you convert more visitors into customers.

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